What Is A Coach? (And Why Do I Need One?)

What is a coach.

The self help movement in American society is a multibillion dollar industry. Want to lose 50 pounds eating cake and watching TV? There’s a program for that. Want to become a millionaire by Friday? There’s a program for that! You can even get these miraculous results for just “four easy payments of $19.95!”

It’s no wonder that people aren’t sure how to visualize where they want to be and develop a comprehensive plan to get there. They are constantly being told that they can achieve great things with little effort or accountability.

But, let’s be real. We know that some things are just too good to be true…
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From Vision to Victory!

There are some people who can see the vision – they know where they want to go or what they want to do, but they don’t know how to take action to reach their goal. Then there are others who are ready to jump in head first and start working, but they cannot see the big picture and their efforts don’t lead them to victory! At Whole Armor Solutions Group, we help you with the entire process, from beginning to end…from vision to victory!

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With our strategic, comprehensive action plan, you will be equipped to determine what victory means for you and reach your personal or professional goals. If this seems a bit overwhelming, don’t worry. Coach Gene will walk you through it, step by step, and will guide you to available resources to help you stay on track. Your personal coach will assist you to:

  1. Discover your vision
  2. Identify requirements
  3. Perform assessments
  4. Define goals and objectives
  5. Develop a clear plan of action
  6. Implement the plan
  7. Re-assess and adapt plan if necessary
  8. Apply lessons learned to determine the way ahead
  9. Achieve victory by making your vision a reality!

If you are ready to take the next step towards victory, let us help you get started. Coach Gene will be your coach, your partner, your champion, and yes, when necessary, provide the push you need to get moving. It is a process that requires commitment, discipline and a willingness to grow. But together, we can help you to see results. And better yet, you will be equipped with the tools necessary to set and achieve goals for personal growth and development in all areas of your life.

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Whole Armor Solutions Group offers a wide range of programs and services – from personalized individual coaching to seminars and motivational speaking for corporate and commercial settings. To put it simply, our consultants work with you to develop a confidential partnership that is mutually respectful and empowers you to reach your full potential! We assist you with the process of growth and development to reach your goals, and give you the tools that you can then apply to any part of your life. Our results focused coaching caters to students, individuals, and professionals.

The coaches at Whole Armor Solutions Group are dedicated to helping you focus on your vision and develop/execute a personalized plan with measurable objectives on the path to victory. We meet often to hold you accountable and adjust the plan, as necessary. The education and training you receive will truly enhance your quality of life as you continue your lifelong quest of growth and development.

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Coach Gene’s clear and steady guidance, ability to plan for and predict future requirements and problems, led us through these trials successfully!

N.R.C. Fort Benning, GA

[Coach] Gene is one of the most honest and trustworthy individuals I have ever met in my life. He is learned and knowledgeable over a broad range of subjects both religious and secular, yet he is singularly unpretentious and approachable. Gene’s dedication to walking with the Lord in his everyday life, and his demonstration of the peace and confidence that can follow have inspired me to explore and reengage with my own faith more seriously.

J.L.K. Irvine, CA

Coach Gene helped me dissect the most complex problems and assigned specific tasks based on capabilities…and together we discovered executable solutions! He held me accountable until I was able to reach my goal and establish a successful training program for my team.

S.A. Killeen, TX

Unflappable under pressure, Gene brings calm and order to a high pressure training environment. He maintains a unique ability to get the best out of his team members, challenging them to innovate and improve outcomes.

S.K., Columbia, SC

I remember thinking, what can a coach really do for me? I’m doing fine and I don’t need anything. But being that I was already in a good place in my business allowed me to make empowering choices. Working with Coach Gene helped me grow and save money, act resourcefully and fully maximize the potential of my business.

N.W., Columbus, GA



  • Individualized coaching
  • Corporate training
  • Live seminars and conferences
  • Public speaking engagements
  • Online courses and workshops
  • Youth work shops
  • Special Customized Coaching Engagements

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